HornConnect is a private strategic communications, media productions and news gathering company with its head quarter in Mogadishu, Somalia and also presence in all the region of Somalia plus equipped standby mobile teams for coverage and production in remote locations. We also have an office in Nairobi.

Since its inception six years ago, Horn Connect has served numerous clients including government, local/International NGOs and provided high quality service to both locals and international Media outlets.

Horn Connect prowess highly trained crew; our commitment to our clients is to deliver seamless and high quality services on all our platforms.

Horn Connect enjoys good working relationship with local authorities, the private sector, humanitarian agencies and community leaders in the areas where weoperate, and frequently implements projects in close cooperation with these stakeholders.

We have also acquired extensive understanding of the Somali context in the past 6 years as it has covered social and political events, andhas interacted with communities around the country.

Familiarity to local dynamics enables us to effectively operate anywhere in the country, focusing on important issues that affect people’s lives without doing harm.